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Poetry Friday: Flowers and Piku

 Tulips in our front garden box.    Tricia suggested flowers for our Poetry Stretch.  The host of Poetry Friday had her students write “pikus”, based on the numerals in the mathematical equation of pi: 3.141592653. So here is my contribution: spring tulips … Continue reading

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Fever and Two Winners

Fever is the prompt for Haiku Very Much.  With spring break around the corner, this came to mind. crowded school hallways rambunctious children, tired staff vacation fever And the winners of the 400th post comments are Sandy of  Four Winds … Continue reading

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Brother’s BDay

Digital greeting card created with Smilebox   I wanted my mother to bring home a cowboy instead.

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Haiku Bones: Pregnant

When Haiku Bones put out the request for word prompts, “pregnant” came to mind. You see, my niece is expecting her first child. I am thrilled for her and her husband. It’s their first. So this post is dedicated to them. pregnant … Continue reading

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Double Dare

Zachary Schomburg’s prompt, “create a hinge”  has been with me all week. What a challenge! Not sure that I completed the prompt but it “unhinged” me a bit. the house sat silent in our neighborhood wrought iron fence, weedy front, … Continue reading

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Haiku Prompts and a Contest

400! Four Hundred! 400!  I cannot believe this is my 400th post! Amazing!  Something is happening below! Haiku Bones: infestation Haiku Very Much: genie pink infestation bubble gum petals scurry along morning’s path ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ bottled up genie released as words … Continue reading

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Memory Runners

memory runners dash past prayer flags in branches as wind scatters seeds APRIL IS POETRY MONTH!  THE POETRY POSTCARD PROJECT IS BACK Would you like an original poem delivered to your mailbox instead of a bill?  Email me your address … Continue reading

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My Aunt Dot

This week’s Poetry Stretch is writing a pantoum. I love this form.   My 81-year-old aunt passed away on Monday.   Her husband was my father’s best man and best childhood friend.  They were aunt and uncle by the LOVE DNA.  Integral … Continue reading

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Haiku Bones: Sleep

  daffodil awake shake winter’s slumber from roots ruffled bloom dances  For more about sleep, visit Haiku Bones

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