Haiku Prompts and a Contest

Four Hundred!
I cannot believe this is my 400th post!
Amazing!  Something is happening below!

Haiku Bones: infestation
Haiku Very Much: genie

pink infestation
bubble gum petals scurry
along morning’s path


bottled up genie
released as words tumble from
a writer’s ink pen

In honor of my 400th post I am giving away 2  prizes: 

1 copy of Writing the Life Poetic by Sage Cohen, local Portland author and poet.

1 copy of my Solace au Naturel, photos and haikus from many of my posts.

Leave a comment through Monday, March 15 (my brother’s birthday),  11:59 PM EST.

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12 Responses to Haiku Prompts and a Contest

  1. jone says:

    Thanks, everyone for stopping by!

  2. D. Spencer says:

    Winds blow fiercely by
    Huddling close together
    Tuxedos on white

  3. Stan Ski says:

    This post is a winner – no contest!

  4. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Happy 400th post. This writers pen has been busy.

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  6. Tabatha says:

    Haiku muscles strong
    She can lift enormous words
    With only a pen

    Congrats to you and happy birthday to your brother!

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  8. Sandy says:

    Wow, 400, I think the genie has been around awhile.

  9. Jim says:

    Jone! 400 is a bunch
    wish you many more

    I like your genie muse, just let him out as your pen rolls. Or is as your fingers press the keys? Great.

    In your first haiku the imagery of your bubble gum petals brings it home. Yes, we all see the petals scattered, but as bits of bubble gum, really yes. BTW, my images were chewed, how did you mean yours to be?

    I’m working on ‘pregnant’ now for you. That will bring out many genie ideas from the various bottles. So far I have a little tanka done, it may be a keeper. Shall see.

    Again, Congratulations!

  10. Laura Evans says:

    Congrats Jone!

    400th post–
    the dung beetle turns
    rolling ball uphill


  11. Marilyn says:

    It would be special to win for your 400th post, as it is my birthday on that day too. A perfect day and month for a birthday and to win something special. Congratulations!

  12. Kelly Wilson says:

    (Jone, ax the previous comment – it was me under a pseudonym…)

    Fabulous Contest
    A worthy celebration
    I want to win it!

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