Double Dare

Zachary Schomburg’s prompt, “create a hinge”  has been with me all week. What a challenge! Not sure that I completed the prompt but it “unhinged” me a bit.

the house sat silent in our neighborhood
wrought iron fence, weedy front, a place for games
hide n’ seek, “ring the doorbell” double dares and fear

secret missions, climbing over rusty sentinel, lacking fear
a marauding group of master mischief ninjas in the neighborhood
summer, late night always the best time for games

“ring the doorbell” gave way to other games
that first kiss from a younger man, I trembled in fear
summer, late night, a double dare  in the neighborhood

 childhood neighborhood, childhood games, I confess without fear


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11 Responses to Double Dare

  1. I think you did a fine job with the prompt…your images take us from childhood to adolescence, and your language always gives an undertone of the forbidden, be it childhood games or the first kiss.


  2. Tumblewords says:

    I love this – it’s so universally ‘personal’. Lovely read.

  3. This poem is like an “initiation” poem–about becoming an adult.

  4. Karen says:

    This is really nice. It brings back memories for me.

  5. Jone,
    Yes this has wonderful imagery and I also love the word play here. Thanks for sharing.

  6. poemblaze says:

    I agree about the master mischief ninjas line. Wonderful imagery and wordplay. Well written throughout.

  7. Lisa Nowak says:

    Oh, I absolutely love this part: “a marauding group of master mischief ninjas in the neighborhood
    summer, late night always the best time for games.” It brings such a great image to mind, and taps into my childhood memories.

  8. Jules says:

    Impressive! Chilling. And I’m with Cynthia: I like your “master mischief ninjas.”

  9. This was a really fun read. I like the menacing sense I get from the description of the house in the first part of the poem–yet in the beginning, the games are innocent and fun…then it transitions into more scary, grown-up stuff, but still with the house as the anchoring image…nicely done!

  10. It WAS a very challenging prompt..but you did a fine job with it! From the beginning of early childhood, to the end with your character changing and growing. I also got quite a kick out of the description of “master mischief ninjas!

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