Poetry Friday: Flowers and Piku

 Tulips in our front garden box. 


Tricia suggested flowers for our Poetry Stretch. 

The host of Poetry Friday had her students write “pikus”, based on the numerals in the mathematical equation of pi: 3.141592653. So here is my contribution:

spring tulips
at attention
winter’s end arrived
spring solstice, lengthening days, new moon
buds unfurl like banners
dancers pirouette
poets bloom

I have an author interview with Susan Blackaby and her new poetry book, Nest, Nook, Cranny at Check it Out.

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3 Responses to Poetry Friday: Flowers and Piku

  1. purple says:

    Greetings & salutations, recently discovered shadorma from the Poetic Asides column of Writer’s Digest and went searching for examples which brought me here among other places. Since your comments were closed on that post, I explored more recent writing and just wanted to say I found much to enjoy.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Love the words of tulips and springtime. Congratulations on the interview.

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