2010 NaPoWri Mo Days 9 and 10

I had to take yesterday off. I was plum tired out from almost three weeks of asthma coughing.  So I slept.  Almost coughless.  I did this for most of today as well.  In the midst of this I was told by the medical people in my life that the blood pressure needed attention as well as the cholesterol, the weight, and possibility of diabetes (ah, genetics are getting the best of me)

There are a couple of great prompts waiting for me:  From Poetic Asides: Day 9 and Day10 self-portait and horror.  From Read Write Poem: a celebration.

a wretched, nagging cough
gasping for life breath
outside waits, full of pollen

spring green trees, bursting with pollen
sleepless nights with the cough
negotiate for the life breath

morning walkers stroll by full of life breath
not bothered by the rain of pollen
I retreat from the window and cough

nagging cough, longing for life breath, and full of pollen, spring arrives.


tulip celebrates
red petal carpet unfurled
spring time arrives

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  1. Yikes! How we take our lungs for granted during the spring explosion of life and bloom (and pollen), while you are sidelined by a wretched cough.

    Hope you continue to feel better!

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