2010 NaPoWriMo Day 30

Well here it is, April 30, final day of NaPoWriMo.  Wow.   

poetry month
thirty days, thirty poems
chronicles life notes

Yesterday was a great day.  My district decided to reverse its decision to cut my job by half. I get to stay in the building all day. Woot!  It was capped off with this:

My assistant Karen, nominated by me for the Altrusa Library Service Award

I was nominated as well.

And then I was selected.  Our school received $1000.00 for the library.

kids, libraries win
next step: math story problem
how many books bought
or what else for the library?

 My calendar is off…it is actually 9:45 PM PST, Friday April 30.

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5 Responses to 2010 NaPoWriMo Day 30

  1. annette simon says:

    Congrats, Jone! Wonderful news.

  2. Denise Doyen says:

    Hurrah for you (and your school!)

    Your “win” gives me a little ray of hope for my librarian friends who are slated for the chopping block out here in L.A.

    Congrats again.

  3. WOO HOO! Congratulations! 🙂

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  5. Jules says:

    This is so great! Congrats on both accounts!

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