Poetry Stretch: Abecederian Poem

Poetry Stretch this week at The Miss Rumphius Effect is to write an abecederian poem, or poem constrained by alphabetical order.  My grand-daughter, number # 2, had her tonsils  and adenoids out along with sinuses cleaned out. A lot for one little four and a half.  So this is for her:

brave little girl
challenged herself to
drink an
grape flavored
icy medicine,
Jello juice to
keep away
memories of a
operation that was
painful for the princess.
she’s glad her
understand the
very necessity of
x-cavating them along with
zwappy adenoids.

Poetry Friday is hosted by Amy at The Poem Farm.

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6 Responses to Poetry Stretch: Abecederian Poem

  1. Mary Lee says:

    X, Y, and Z are always the hardest (well, and Q and K, too, depending on how things go…) Great poem! Hopefully this surgery will bring her a lot of relief.

  2. Amy LV says:

    What a lucky little girl to have her grandma write her an ABECEDARIAN for her tonsillectomy! (How many girls can claim that?) What fun words for an un-fun day. Way to take that challenge on!
    (Send one to the nurses!)

  3. That is perfectly delightful! I am sure she will never forget the day or the poem.

  4. Toby Speed says:

    Terrific! The whole poem holds together nicely, and the last three lines had me zwapped!

  5. annie says:

    I was totally enchanted. Grand-D #2 will be thrilled.

  6. Lisa Nowak says:

    So clever and cute! I love what you did for “x” and “z” 🙂

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