Summer Mystery

These are two of my friends, Reba (on left) and Toni(center) that I reconnected with at my reunion. 

Reba and I met in seventh grade.  During the evening we started talking about different friends. The ones who moved in high school and despite all promises to keep in touch, disappeared. Well, I started thinking about “whatever happened to our friend?”  She live just down the street and we spent time either at her house or mine.  It was her that introduced me to The Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy.  And when we were not reading, we wrote poetry (I am pretty sure I have some of  hers stuffed in a folder somewhere). 

That’s when the librarian in me started research via Google.  Despite a misspelled name, it’s rather unusual, I found a blog post with her name.  next step, track down the author of the post. Did that and sent an email to which I got another name to try.  Emailed that person and received two more names. 

As a librarian, you learn to be a sleuth. What other ways to spell the name?  So I tried alternative spellings. Bingo! Found her mom, confirmed that this was the same person living in Simi Valley, CA. PLUS, bonus! Mom is on Facebook so I sent her a message.  

Finally, with the new alternative spelling, I rechecked the Internet white pages.  There was an address.  I sent her a note today. Who knows if I will get a response.  But how cool would that be?  

Everyone needs a summer mystery.  I hope this one gets solved.

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  1. Lisa Nowak says:

    Wow, great researching skills. I hope she responds to you.

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