WFMAD, Tea, and a Secret Garden

WFMAD Challenge

As mentioned in this recent post, I have a goal of writing a poem every day this summer. Today I did a check and realized that I have gotten about 10 poems behind (especially this past weekend at the coast with family).
Thank you, Laurie Halse Anderson (a fantastic historical fiction writer as well as YA), who established the “Write Fifteen Minutes a Day” (WFMAD) challenge for August. Exactly what I need to push me for the final days of summer.
  Today she had a video of her forest to set the stage. Then it’s no phone, no internet time for fifteen minutes and write.  She has such inspiring words and great quotes.  You want to write for more than the set time.  Today’s writing led me to explore a scene in my WIP.

Tea with Friends Who Blog

One of the benefits of blogging is meeting others who blog. Three years ago, I met Annie of The Best of My Life.  She introduced me to Marilyn of Delights of the Heart.  So today the three of us met as we did last summer (see HERE).

So this year we went to the Jade Teahouse and Patisserie in the Sellwood area of Portland.  Oh my, after I bit into the most fabulous salad rolls in a while and the best zesty salad dressing on my side salad, I wished I had taken photos of the food. And not only did it look good, it was delish!  The sesame ball I brought home to my husband was great as well.

A Secret Garden

After lunch, Marilyn introduced Annie and I to a secret garden in Portland.  It was a photography delight this afternoon.

Marilyn and Annie(in the back) cameras in hand.


a secret garden
tucked away
afternoon of zen

I cannot wait to return through out the seasons.

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2 Responses to WFMAD, Tea, and a Secret Garden

  1. Marilyn says:

    Nice post. Loved the day, it was just perfect. For an instant I thought of photographing the food, but I just dug in. Yummm! Like your photos too. Now I didn’t know you got one with me in it, but then I got one of your and Annie too. Yes, the secret garden is a place to enjoy for all seasons.

  2. annie says:

    What a wonderful day we had. I too bemoaned the fact, to my family, that I didn’t have the wit to take pictures of the food, especially the wraps, before tucking in. I can’t believe I won’t have my pictures up before I return home. Hmmm, perhaps I need to check Q’s computer. He must have a place for a media card.

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