Christmas Eve

I am trying to understand my absence in writing and posting on my blog this fall.  Realy, has it been a month? It feels like I have been buried in work, in loss, and in disorganization.  Time to look ahead and reset my priorities.

On Christmas Eve, an original shadorma,written for advent .

cold, clear night
brittle stars sparkle
those who wait
as darkness transforms to light
hope, love, joy, and peace

May you all have a holiday filled with love and laughter.

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6 Responses to Christmas Eve

  1. Marilyn says:

    I love love these words. Wishing you a blessed New Year!

  2. sandy says:


    A blessed New Year to you.

  3. Short Poems says:

    Happy Holidays, Jone 🙂

  4. Lisa Nowak says:

    Merry Christmas, Jone!

  5. pamela says:

    I am wishing the same for you.
    Happy holidays.

  6. annie says:

    Dear Jone,

    Life needs for us to sit back sometimes. You have had too much happen in too short a time. Lift your head. Take a peek outside. Make like a groundhog. Then settle back in to doing only what you feel like doing and if that’s nothing, than nothing it is. It won’t last forever and you will have lots to write about after the experience, later.


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