Remembering My Aunt

Since early November, my aunt, Betty, began her journey toward the sunset of her life.  She had an underlying heart condition but when double pneumonia set in, it started a spiral that led to her passing on June 12, 2011.

I was to fly east for a visit on June 23rd but instead of visiting, I participated in her private burial with the memorial service to follow in August.


aunt, mentor, teacher
one strong Rush MacCulloch woman
legacy lives on

One of the best times was two years ago when my niece and I arrived to attend our photo show.  I blogged about it HERE.

An amazing woman who taught me many things: the value of education, an appreciation of the arts, the importance of family history.  She’ll be missed.  Her legacy lives on in small ways: last year I began the annual school shopping and lunch date with my oldest grand-daughter as she readied herself for kindergarten. This year I get to add my second granddaughter to the annual event.  This was just one thing that my aunt did (with my grandmother when she was alive) and it was carried on until I married.

I will miss our Sunday night chats. Sometimes for one hour inwhich we solved all the problems of the world.  She prepared me for the loss because through the winter and spring, those chats were dependent on her energy level.

I know she lived a good long life, 91 but when the time comes it’s still a shock. I take comfort in knowing she died with the dignity and grace she wanted, alone in a room to meet God and those waiting on the other side.


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  1. annie says:

    Lovely, Jone. It’s the small things the matter the most and live the longest.

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