Back from Blogcation

It’s been almost three months since I posted here. Summer was crazy busy. As I totalled up the days, it added to almost five weeks of being away from home.

In between, I finally tackled the computer room/writing room. Away went the mauve carpet all worse for wear due to the dogs and the previous owner’s cats.   New paint, new curtains, and new bookcases (from selling off old bookcases and other items) created a fresh space.

Well, it’s not completely finished.  I have a third apron to sew; patterned from two other  aprons which were sewn by my great-aunt for my grandmother. The doors for the book cases need to be purchased and attached. But I now can write again in this room with favorite things.

I have spent much of this time away deep in thought about my WIP.  I went to the SCBWI-OR Fall writing retreat earlier this month.  It was scary but I took a chance and had an agent critique it.  She liked it and gave very positive feed back.  So did Ellen Hopkins (Crank, Glass, Fallout author). 

I have. a lot. of. work. to. do before it’s ready to submit anywhere. So that’s where my mind has been. Thinking and writing down ideas, thinking some more. 

In keeping with our final speaker at the retreat, Suz Blackaby, I have created goals for the months ahead.  One of which is to have a writing date with someone from the retreat. Follow-up. Support one another.

My other goal is to write for fifteen minutes each day of November.  I don’t participate in the NaWriNoMo but it will be my intention to spend each day writing.

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  1. Poets Rally says:

    good luck on your writing.

    I love your poetry, hope to see you share a piece of free verse with us today.

    a way to mingle with your poetic friends, best.

    hope to see you in.

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