Poetry Friday: Poem a Day (PAD) Recap

It’s been thirty days of writing a poem a day.  Many were little jot downs in my journal. Here’s my list:

11/01/11 Sunset haiku
11/02/11 traffic moves
11/03/11 Forking
11/04/11 A Ragged Envelope
11/05/11 Our First Prank
11/06/11 Bird Mystery
11/07/11 November
11/08/11 early morning fog
11/09/11 beaver’s full moon
11/10/11 I Come From
11/11/11 star-spangled parades
11/12/11  obsession
11/13/11 hourglass
11/14/11 Ideogram
11/15/11 candletime
11/16/11 dawn breaks
11/17/11 quiet stillness
11/18/11 a carpet of leaves
11/19/11 haibun for Advent Booklet
11/20/11 we sit in silence
11/21/11 patient snow seeker
11/22/11 Tuesday begins this way
11/23/11 library write time
11/24/11 Thanksgiving Day
11/25/11 midnight hour strikes
11/26/11 morning mystery
11/27/11 the first candle lit
                  anniversary poem for parents
11/28/11 keep awake
11/29/11 stars twinkle
11/30/11 mournful song

For me one of the best things this months was to get back into the practice of writing and jotting down daily observations.  Posting several haiku “from my writing journal” was a format that I liked as I found then I didn’t worry about getting on the computer to post every day.

Poetry Friday is at Carol’s Corner.

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  1. Lisa Nowak says:

    Congratulations. Sort of a NaPoWriMo, huh? 🙂

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