Writing From My Journal

November is gone.  In its place the frenzy of the holidays arrived.  Here are a couple of haiku from this week.

holiday season
rosemary wreath  hangs outside
welcomes our guests

For more poems of a sapid, savory sort visit One Single Impression.

geese glide together
an orchestrated landing 
vacated field filled

For more poems about space, visit Haiku Heights.

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6 Responses to Writing From My Journal

  1. annie says:

    Good morning, Jone. I can see the geese. I can smell the rosemary. I need to plan a runaway to Oregon soon. It’s been a year and a half since visiting. I miss being there.

    Happy New Year,

  2. The Purple says:

    incredible Haiku.

    Excellent writing…
    Happy Holidays….
    I know you write stunning Haiku, welcome sharing with us,
    1 to 3 or more are welcome.
    no theme.
    Hope to see you in,

  3. Lisa Nowak says:

    Ah, I can smell that rosemary. I love the photo in your header.

  4. Nice Haiku. Love it.


  5. zongrik says:

    holiday season sneaks up on us earlier and earlier

  6. Lovely seasonal haiku.

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