Slice of Life Challenge: 1 of 31

Over at Two Writing Teachers, the challenge is out to write a “Slice of Life” piece for 31 days.  This is the best news as I have been on hiatus with my blog.  Unintentional but been there still. It’s not for the lack of not writing.  I have been writing.  Revising and polishing my WIP actually.

Two weekends ago, I finally wrote the ending to the WIP which was partially written but I had been avoiding. Avoiding because I knew it needed more and I couldn’t figure out what was that more. But I did. Yay!

When I am not physically writing/revising on the WIP, it’s in my head.  One night recently, as I was drifting off to sleep, a thought danced through my brain. Luckily, I was able to reach over to my nightstand, grab a sticky note pad and pencil to scribble the thought down in the dark.  I am getting better at writing notes in the dark and being able to read them in them. 

This is a weekend for writing.  A weekend that has no appointments on my calendar.  I am one that must start to write in the quiet of morning.  I want no interruptions, just my tea and breakfast and music in the background.  I want to push through my revisions because I am so close, so close to being to the polishing stage.  Once polished I will send it off to a trusted source for feedback.

The Slice of Life Challenge 2012 will provide a warm-up for writing which I want and need.

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  1. MaryHelen says:

    So glad you are able to play with your writing through SOLSC. Writing notes in the dark – a must in order to keep sleeping. It’s the art of reading them the next morning that takes practice. Enjoyed.

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