Slice of Life Story Challenge: 2 of 31

It’s Friday, Dr. Seuss Day, and life with two fifth grade classes.  For weeks, I have been teaching the fifth grade class how to take notes when reading for information on-line.  Not an easy task! 

I started out with the old cut and paste the key words for the question they are trying to answer (in this case, What are the Key Events Leading Up to the American Revolution?). We have 30 minutes to log on, find the resources, and read for information.  To me, it’s like a sitcom at times.

But today? Today it was like the flowers all bloomed. They got it!  Both classes were able to open their documents and get to it.  This was amid one student who walked in with an attitude as sour as unripe apples.  When I asked him if he needed to take a time out, he said yes.  Student and I went through this about two weeks ago, so I was thinking, “Dude, not this again.” 

He returned settled and did his work. They all did their work, they got the idea of what it means to determine importance, cut and paste.  After class, his teacher filled me in about his morning.

And I as a parent, grandmother, and teacher about cried.  Here’s a child whose mother is struggling with her life, who can’t live on her own and he’s protective of her.  So now he has a new living arrangement for a while away from her.  As I told him, I can’t imagine children having to witness these things.  Wow. 

He’s not the only student at our school with stories like this.  I continue to be in awe of how these students get to school each day, to their safe haven even if at times it’s not treated as a safe haven. 

It’s the little victories, when the flowers bloom that make the day complete. 

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3 Responses to Slice of Life Story Challenge: 2 of 31

  1. This breaks my heart. No child should have to deal with such a burden. If only we lived in a perfect world…

  2. annie says:

    What a heart rending story. I know it will be hard but, thank God he will now get a chance to be the child he had a right to be. Best wishes to mother and child.

  3. Pam says:

    I taught in a different life time. My heart used to break for those kids. I am glad your fifth grade group got it. Moments like that make the hard work worth it.

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