Slice of Life Story Challenge: 3 of 31

drive home
listening to a book
story time

I travel 50 miles round trip to teach. When we bought our house in 2005, the  amount of time for the commute only increased by minutes as now I drive more freeway.  In 2007, I decided to pursue the National Boards for Teaching.  That’s when I became addicted to audio books.

It began with needing to refresh myself with the Newbery Awards.  I had options.  I could buy all the award books, 1922- present and read them. Have you read them all?  Some have not withstood the test of time. Another option, I could use the library.

Much of my childhood was spent at the library (another slice for another day). So it was like returning home.  Plus, libraries had become so much more incredibly easy to use; log on to your computer, log-in into your library account, search and hold.  Voila! Done except for picking up the books.

Listening to audio books, children and young adult has helped my commute.  I found that listening to fantasy and science fiction is easier than reading them.  Plus if you were one who used commutes to chat on the phone (in the days before the hands free laws), listening to audio books was a terrific way to break the habit.  Sometimes I get so caught up with the story (especially if the reader is fabulous) that I will sit in my car upon arriving home to finish the chapter or know that I can walk in the house and the characters will be okay until I listen again.

Now my reading time is for the genres that are my favorites.  The saying “so many books…so little time” becomes less of a problem when having story time in the car.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I’m in love with audio books too. I find it hard to try and do it all (being a wife, mom, teacher, writer, reader . . . .) so I have turned to audio books. My drive isn’t quite as long, but I savor every minute I can in the car!

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