Slice of Life Challenge: 7 of 31

I am listening to The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt. Holling Hoodhood is a seventh grader on Long Island, New York. The book gives us a slice of life during 1967-1968.

For me, the book has me traveling back to my sophomore year in high school, which in Simi Valley, CA, at that time the first year of high school. I was fourteen years old.

 It was the time of the first winter formal, in which my father said I wasn’t to go on a date. Thankfully, my mother stepped in and had a talk with him to explain that a daughter needed to go to such dances. So I went dressed in a formal from my  New Jersey senior cousin’s dress.

 It was also the year I read Wuthering Heights, A Tale of Two Cities, and Silas Marner. Books I have on my bookshelves still.

I played in the stage orchestra for the play, The Mikado. Fell ‘in love’ with a drummer in the orchestra. He was some one new. Someone I hadn’t gone to junior high or elementary school. Oh yes, I was still dating the boy whom I attended winter formal. Two boys, it didn’t work out well.

The political events of 1968 hadn’t quite caught up with our house.  We  weren’t ones to watch the nightly body count over dinner.  Instead we talked about school and our parent’s work day. someday my mother stressed about her work as a surgery nurse.

A book can take you places and this book has made me remember my sophomore year.

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