Slice of Life Story Challenge: 13 of 30

First of all, thanks for the kind comments when I was feeling under the weather yesterday.

What I Meant to Write About Yesterday

So March Madness is upon us and not just basketball.  Ed DeCaria of Think Kid Think has developed a March Madness for Kid Poetry.  Sixty-four poets will write 126 poems in just 21 days. Yowza!

I am one of the poets paired against Amy from The PoemFarm.  Amy served with me on the first round for the CYBILS Poetry Award.  I am a bit scared to go up against Amy but it will be a great challenge.   We will each get a word and have 36 hours to write it befre the voting begins.

Other panelists from the CYBILS Poetry Award are joining in as well:
Mary Lee @ A Year of Reading
Laura Salas @ Laura Salas
Julie Larios @ The Drift Record
Susan Taylor Brown @ Susan Taylor Brown

And there are others doing the SLOSC, Carol of Carol’s Corner and Linda of Teacher Dance are participating as well

Voting, did I say voting?  I hope you will stay tuned in and vote when the time comes.  Who knows, I might be lucky to advance or a little mad.  Our words are based on which seed we got.  I am seeded at 14 which means for my bracket, I could get a word like flibbertigibbet. 

More SOLSC can be found HERE.

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7 Responses to Slice of Life Story Challenge: 13 of 30

  1. Too cool! Best of luck. Share with us the process on your blog.

  2. macrush53 says:

    I actually just got my word: harrumph. Great word. Wil let you know when I have my poem posted.

  3. girlgriot says:

    What fun! I love taking the idea of the brackets and turning it on its head. Good luck! (especially if you get flibbertygibbet!)

  4. elsie says:

    You are a go-getter! Good luck with the poetry. It sounds like an incredible challenge.

  5. SueB says:

    Good Luck! Amy is a challenging contender too. I’m glad to be just a reader!! Enjoy the challenge.

  6. Linda Baie says:

    I’m glad you found me & have to ask how did you? I have had so much company that I haven’t been able to read & comment very much, so glad to find you & that you’re in the challenge too. Oh boy!!!! Best wishes for poetic mania, or whatever will help (te he). I’ll look for you!

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