Slice of Life Story Challenge: 19 of 31

Washington state teachers are experiencing what other states have experienced over the last year: an attempt on our bargaining rights.  It’s happening through trying to take away our right to locally bargain our health care plans.  The Washington Senate calls for a one size fits all plan for health.  It’s touted as a way to save money but it will instead, cost millions of dollars to set up.  In fact, the details of the plan haven’t been thought out.  It you are employed less than half time, no insurance for you. 

Washington state has a varied demographic pattern.  The Seattle area is heavily populated while eastern Washington is farm and agriculture.  In southwest Washington, we experience the black hole of information because it’s so close to Portland, Oregon. It makes me wonder how a “one size fits all” insurance plan can work for the entire state.

So today we rallied, made posters, and sent messages to legislators.  Hopefully, we can make a difference.





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