Slice of Life Story Challenge: 22 of 31

A Gift

Our late winter and early spring has been weather strange.  We have had snow dustings every Tuesday during March. Last night it was snowing as I went to bed.  Figured it would be gone by morning.

I am having trouble with my alarm clock so once again, I overslept. Skipped the tea in bed and slow wake-up as I had to dash and get ready for school and the 8:15 AM meeting.   Television news with the school delays scrolling at the bottom of the screen didn’t mention my district (which happens to be 25 miles away).

Wondered if I would make it up the hill to the main road. Turned out to not be a problem. I loaded up the cd player with my new audio book, The Lightning Thief and was on my way. 

Lightly dusted snow hills looked beautiful, traffic was great, and the story had me engaged.  As I drew closer to my school, the roads seemed slushier but I didn’t think anything about it.

Until I drove into the very empty parking lot!  Oh my, did I miss something?  Sure enough, the secretary informed me there was a two hour delay.  Our district went to a robo-call system but apparently I missed it (along with any televsion announcement).

It’s a gift.  The quiet of the school.  Time and a topic to write my slice.  This week has been insane. Two evenings with meetings, no time to write until I got home, so slices written past the deadline for comments.  So I am quite thankful to have time to write this morning.  Teachers are trickling in, laughter spilling out over the weather and not knowing we had a two hour delay.

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