Slice of Life Story Challenge 26 of 31

Another Poem from Saturday’s Workshop

The Potato Ricer

The potato ricer,
an ancient holey metal can
attached to a hand pump,
I watched great-aunt
plop steaming potatoes
not quite ready to meet
their demise
into the holey metal can
Great-aunt, tiny in stature,
bent over the counter,
squeezed potato chunks
as her arthritic hands cringed.
I watch potato worms
squiggle into the bowl
ready to mash.

These days,
I squeeze compost worms
into the garden soil.

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1 Response to Slice of Life Story Challenge 26 of 31

  1. margaretsmn says:

    Nice poem. I especially like the last line, “These days…” Although it is kinda yucky to think about worms:)

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