Slice of Life Story Challenge: 27 of 31

I am working on an upcoming post.  Today, this seems like a great place to post a list of things I am thinking about for the post.

National Poetry Month

Poets and poetry books that have been my mentors.

My grandmother,William Stafford, Kim Stafford, Naomi Shihab Nye, Jane Reichhold, Jane Kenyon,  William Carlos Williams, Joyce Sidman, Susan Blackaby

And then what if I forget to name a book, name a poet, does that mean they have not mentored me?

Do I want to include quotes from the books and the poets?  Then there’s the challenge of locating the variety of notebooks where notes have been taken with some of my mentors.

And one about the latest mentor, Paulann Petersen, do I name her?  I just met her?  Can she be a mentor after on class? And what about Paul B. Janeczko whose work I just really started to read thanks to the CYBILS?

Will I be able to write a thousand words?

This is my slice for today.  More can be found HERE.

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