Slice of Life Story Challenge: 29 of 31

I’m on Spring Break!  Am taking an extra day to head to family friends in Idaho.  Our families have been friends since the early nineteen hundreds.  Our grandmothers taught together on the east coast.  My friend’s grandmother decided to head west (I think because she was sweet on someone who wasn’t sweet back).  She landed in Idaho.

When my father was seventeen, he dropped out of school and to save the family peace, my grandmother contacted her friend and sent my dad to Idaho.  He thought that being a cowboy would be a great idea.  Well, after a week of working on the ranch, hands blistered and muscles sore, he thought that maybe going to school would be a good idea. 

During his year in Idaho, he forged a lifelong friendship with their son.  Our family took family trips to see his friends.  As  a teen I didn’t appreciate it much.  But when my father moved to Oregon in 2003, my husband and he drove through Idaho to see his friend.  It would be the last time for them to be together as my father time eight months later.

Since my father’s passing, my husband and I have visited Idaho.  It turned out that one of the daughters is a teacher so we have much in common.  When we are there, it is a peaceful time.  So different from the hurried pace we lead in Portland.  I finally understand why my parents would load into the car and drive to Idaho to visit our family friends.

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  1. Mommy K. says:

    Oh! You are going to 2 of my favorite places! We have family in Eugene and had family that lived just north of Sun Valley. BEAUTIFUL! Not sure where you go in Idaho, but from what you wrote, it’s relaxing. The perfect place to spend a break!

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