Slice of Life Story Challenge: 31 of 31

Woohoo! Day 31. This is what I know now:

I can write for 31 days consistently. This is priming the pump for April and writing a poem a day.
I never was at a loss for what to write about.
I am growing as a writer.
I found a community of readers and writers.
I will continue participating in the Tuesday Slice of Life series.
I can use what I have written about as a springboard for poetry.
I am energized by the writing I have done this month.

Thank you to Ruth and Stacey for organizing this challenge.

More slices can be found HERE.

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3 Responses to Slice of Life Story Challenge: 31 of 31

  1. blogpraylove says:

    I know now I’m glad I read your post on the last day of the March Challenge 🙂 Glad I grew as a writer alongside you & the other slicers!

  2. Lisa Nowak says:

    I’ve seen you posting these and browsed them a bit, but March was a hectic, awful month for me, and I didn’t have time to really read and comment. I’m so glad to see this was a useful exercise for you, though. 🙂 I hope things are going well with you.

  3. Jaana says:

    I agree, I too feel energized by writing! Keep on writing!

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