Poetry Friday: A Poem by Renee LaTulippe

On  Wednesday, I interviewed Renee.   Today she returns with a poem for us all.  While Renee’s works with adults and their writing, she writes for kids.

Scaredy Cats

Little dimpled Dora
had a horde of frightened cats.
They slunk around the corners
and hid in Dora’s hats.

If guests came by to chatter,
they’d scatter and they’d crouch
till Dora came to peel them off
the lampshades and the couch.

A creaking door could send them
into tizzies of commotion–
a caterwauling chorus
of puffy tails and high emotion.

If a wayward breeze should make
the nighttime curtains billow,
Dora’d wake to find those cats
a-tremble on her pillow.

Their eyes lit up the darkness
with a terrifying gleam,
and Dora often heard them
utter little kitty screams.

It went like that for many moons,
through years both weird and spooky,
and living with that horde of cats
made Dora downright kooky.

She cowered like a kitten,
so said everyone she knew:
“Yes, that little dimpled Dora
is a scaredy cat, too.”

Copyright © 2012 Renée M. LaTulippe. All rights reserved.

 The video is HERE.

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4 Responses to Poetry Friday: A Poem by Renee LaTulippe

  1. Betsy says:

    “A caterwauling chorus” love how that sounds in words and in my head as I imagine it. Awesome!

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  3. macrush53 says:

    Love your reading of Scaredy Cats.

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