Slice of Life: SCBWI-OR Spring Conference

I attended the SCBWI-OR Spring Conference last Friday and Saturday.  This is a fantastic organization if you’re a budding children’s or YA writer.

I should revise that first paragraph to say that I also presented.  My first presentation for the organization.  I always think it’s such a great idea to present and then when the time comes I wonder, ‘What was I thinking?’ 

My presentation discussed the beginning steps of blogging and twitter and blogging.  I have to admit that it gave me time to reflect on my blogging practices.  How many times of week do I need to blog?  What  am I writing about?  Is it what I want my blog to say?

The whole conference was stunning. Lin Oliver and Stephen Mooser, SCBWI creators were there (and I got to have a critique with Stephen Mooser on my WIP).  Leila Sales did a terrific workshop in writing with humor.  It was so informative. 

Finally, the camaraderie of writers and illustrators is the best. Oliver was correct in stating that we are like a “tribe” and these are “my people.”  I always feel better talking with others about writing and books.

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  1. elsie says:

    Gathering with those who are like-minded always reaffirms you. Sounds like it was a great time.

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