SOLSC Tuesday: End of School Year Reflection

This is the last week of the school year.  School gets out on Friday for summer. For me, it’s the ending of my thirty-eighth year of teaching.  A few weeks ago, Ruth  of Two Writing Teachers wrote about reflective thinking about our teaching practice.  I so  agree.  She shared these four starters:

  • I learned…to building exit outcomes for fourth and fifth grade are like knocking down dominoes.  It made me look at what skills I need to teach at third grade as I work on the technology standards at fourth and fifth grade.
  • I was stretched by…. time.  I aways wish I had more time to work with classes during the day. Especially when it comes to teaching in the computer lab.
  • I am excited about…the fact that kindergarten teachers included me in their year-long plan for extra technology work. To be able to collaborate and work together is the best way to teach.
  • I’m beginning to realize… how much teaching continues to change and how much I love keeping up with the changes.  If I don’t/won’t, them I need to re-examine my purpose.
  • What happened in the ibrary that makes me smile: Having Lisa and her dog, Chance every Monday in the library for kids to read to, Lunch Bunch Reading Group, Poetyr Postcard Project in which we sent over 60 postcards out to the world, and sharing Edmodo with fifth grade.

This summer I plan to finish reading The Power of Our Words with the rest of the readers’ choice nominations.

For more slices, visit Two Writing Teachers.

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