SoLSC: Summer Life


Well, here we are at the door of August. And it’s been almost two months since writing on this blog. Wow! I didn’t intend to vacation from this blog but it happened.

My writing life has been busy. This makes me happy. Here’s what I have accomplished:

-given my manuscript to some trusted beta readers.

-received useful feedback from beta readers.

-day writing retreat with my writing group.

-revised five poems for the William Stafford Poetry Contest

-sent off said five poems to the contest today.

My goals for August are:

-write 15 minutes a day with Laurie Halse Anderson

– make revisions on manuscript based on reader input.

– send manuscript off for a critique.

-get my poetry book, Solace in Nature, published as ebook.

What are your goals for August.

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One Response to SoLSC: Summer Life

  1. Jaana says:

    WOW!! Congratulations on all that you have already accomplished!
    My plan is:
    to get back to writing on daily basis
    to write some sample papers for my students to start the year with
    to figure out a blog for my students to contribute their writing to during the school year
    to encourage my fellow teachers on the benefits of digital writing both for themselves and for their students

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