WFMAD: Fifth Annual Challenge

Today if the second day of Laurie Halse Anderson’s fifth annual Write Fifteen Minutes a Day (WFMAD).

Yesterday, I journaled by hand. I find it important to go back and forth with challenges such as these. There’s something to be said about taking pen to hand and just writing. I find this especially true when writing haiku. Haiku is about small moments of seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling.

In writing about what holds me back and what my writing goals were for this month, haiku is a priority.

And today in the mail, arrived the Haiku Society of America’s newsletter, Ripples. Talk about putting it out there and getting a response because there are a couple opportunities for submissions. Guess what I will be focusing on this month?

I have so to learn about this poetry form. So much. One of the opportunities let me to the Northwest Haiku site and this quote:

“In our poems and discussions, the group tries to get beyond the cloud of surface facts, to see the deep stillness within the everyday.”

I really like the last part of that quote: to see the deep stillness within the everyday

I will try to see the deep stillness everyday. Will you?

More each day. It’s not too late to join this challenge.

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  1. Yat-Yee says:

    I agree. Seeing the deep stillness within the everyday is a wonderful goal.

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