It’s difficult to not make excuses about not writing. Yesterday was that day unless I count the time spent writing in the morning for “Check It Out.”


Once the grand girls arrived the day became about them as well as today. In the moment with them – splashing, laughing, consoling when older sister is bugging younger sister, and watching them create hats for the dogs. Such a joy. They live 5 hours away so our visits are now less frequent and When they arrive we see how they have grown up a bit more.

Today I thought about how to take my haiku further. I need to submit for publication. I need to organize. I thought about words:
Crows convene
Maple tree leaves quiver
Squirrel gathers nuts
Water splashes water jewels
Vanish in the wind.

At Laurie Halse Anderson’s blog she suggested we think about being 7 again. What came to mind was my tap dance shoes. How I loved taking tap dance and then some how lost one shoe. How did I do that at seven? As a result tap dance lessons were over because my parents wouldn’t/couldn’t buy me another pair. This is something that could end up in a book. But for today it ends up here.


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  1. annie says:

    Thinking of being seven again. I barely remember that. I recall where I lived. I recall my sister was 18 months old. Grasping the details shouldn’t be so hard, but it is.

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