Poem a Day November Challenge

My father always said November was a dark month. His father died this month. My mother contracted non-paralytic polio in November the year she was pregnant with my brother.

November began early this year when I had a car accident in September. I was not severely injured but it has rattled my core. Writing went out the window. I am trying to crawl back out.

I will participate once again with the Poem a Day during November while others are furiously writing toward 50 thousand words.

I will take William Stafford’s advice and “lower my standards” as I write to at least get my thoughts on paper.

I will use the three H’s from Carmen Bernier-Grand: Head, Heart, and Hand.

I am rethinking how much of my writing I should share on my blog. To me, they are always works of progress. However, I have read many places consider what are on blogs as published.

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