And the Winner Is…


If a book remains unopened
and no reader turns its page,
does it still embrace a story
or trap words inside a cage?

BookSpeak! celebrates all things books. One of our judges stated that it shows kids “how to look at a common object with new eyes.” Another said, “I love the many ‘voices’ she created within the book world.” A third judge noted, “when read aloud, I feel these poems have heaps of personality–and utility, too.”

Laura Purdie Salas explores reading, writing, stories, and book components in a wide variety of poetic forms, styles, and imaginative voices. From the lyrical “Skywriting” to the clever personification of “Index,” the poems flow from beginning to end, providing helpful models that young writers may enjoy exploring and imitating.

Josee’ Bisaillon’s use of collage, digital montage, and drawings complete the whole package. Complemented by a distinctive use of typeface and energetic and expressive illustrations, BookSpeak! is a book of book poems that readers of all ages will return to again and again.

No worries about words being trapped in this winning book!

Thank you to the following judges:
Linda Baie
Ed DeCaria
Renee La Tulippe
Diane Mayr
Sylvia Vardell

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  1. laurasalas says:

    THank you, MsMac–and I love that picture! I am blown away that BookSpeak was chosen, considering the fantastic Finalists. My best Valentine’s Day ever!

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