SOLSC: Poetry Postcard Project 2013


It’s only forty days until April. Not only does April bring showers and May flowers, it brings us National Poetry Month?

I love this month. Actually every month is poetry month for me. I just finished be the chair for the CYBILS Poetry category and for the New Year, I participated in a haiku new year postcard exchange. I received over 20 postcards from around the world. Who said snail mail is dead.

For the fifth year, students from my school, illustrate postcards with their poems printed on them. We then send them throughout the word. I have a map in the hallway with red push pins to indicate where the poems are going.



Last year, people started sending poems back so we posted those as well. It is not expected that people respond but I have to tell you that the students loved getting responses.

I am hoping that people will sign up again this year. If you do, feel free to fill out the form HERE

Others have their own slices listed HERE.

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  1. bookwoman98 says:

    I received an email from Poetry Ambassadors yesterday and signed up to participate. How fun to find out more about the project here at Slice of Life! I’m all for keeping snail mail alive. There’s nothing quite so delightful as real mail in my real mailbox.

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