SOLSC: Preparing for the Month Long and Thinking About a Book Gap


Two things are on my mind today: the upcoming month long SOLC, which I did last year once I discovered it. I need a daily gentle prodding which the SOLC provides. My thinking around it is to write as I think of small tidbits to write about. My plan is to use lunch time which is relatively quiet except for the fifth graders completing work or playing quiet games.

I love my IPad for the WordPress App. It makes posting so much easier. And I know that there will be much to write about for March with the commenting on the March Madness Poetry Event and the release of my friend, Bridget Zinn’s book, Poison.

The other thing on my mind this morning it “book gaps” in my reading. I read a post at Sharpread. While the writer talked about his reading gap being professional books all I could think about is that I don’t have a gap. What’s going on with me is a flat BOOK DROUGHT. I think I can trace this back to my car accident in September. It puzzles me as I had relatively little physical damage save a broken hand and severe bruising on the right side of my body. So why the reading drought?

I have to examine places in my life where there can be more time to read. It seems as thought life is spinning faster and faster. When the accident occurred I was listening to an audio book. And you know, I haven’t listened to one since.

So I have a pile of books on the side of my bed and I have committed to reading every night in hopes of bringing a snow storm to my reading.

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4 Responses to SOLSC: Preparing for the Month Long and Thinking About a Book Gap

  1. margaretsmn says:

    This is my first stop at your blog. I filled out the form for the poem in April. I’d love to do something like this with my students. Can you email me (or reply) the information on how to create the form in wordpress? I also want to try out the wordpress app.
    I understand your reading gap. I once had back surgery and I remember someone saying to me, “How great! You can catch up on your reading.” But being in pain or on pain medication, focus was a problem. I couldn’t read at all. Your body needed to focus on healing, not on reading.

  2. Judy C. says:

    Sometimes life gets in the way and we “give up” something. Hope you get back to your reading soon. I find that reading is what makes life happen.

  3. Deb Day says:

    Happy that you’ll be back to join us in March. I went through my own little book drought. Then I read Penny Kittle’s Book Love. She talked about having her students read just 10 minutes in class every day and then some outside of class. My students and I talked about all the little time wasters in our day and how if we got rid of those, we’d have more time to read. Since that day, I have read tons. And I really don’t have to play one more game on Facebook.

  4. I hate book gaps and even worse the droughts but they happen every so often. You suffered a trauma…give yourself time and space to heal and don’t put pressure. You’ll get back to reading when you’re ready. Thank you so much for the tip about the WordPress app …I’ve got to check it out!

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