SOLSC Day 1 of 31


Today is day one of thirty one days for the Slice Of Life Challenge. I have had a great week. On Wednesday, two wonderful things happened. First, my writing group met. Love my group. I am in the process of fine tuning a middle grade manuscript and the comments were spot on.

But what made my week was the email I received from the editor of Acorn, a Journal of Contemporary Haiku. One of the haiku I submitted was selected for the spring issue. This is an accomplishment as I have had to rethink how haiku is written these days. The journal comes out in April.

Are you participating in the challenge? What’s your slice? For more from slicers, go HERE.

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  1. elsie says:

    Congratulations on being published! You have had a good week, which hopefully will turn into a good month of slices.

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