SOLSC 2013: Day 3 of 31


What’s your POISON? That’s the question being asked in an advance of the release of Bridget Zinn’s debut book, POISON.

However, the release of Bridget’s book is bittersweet. You see, Bridget is no longer with us to promote her ridiculously funny and adventurous tale. Bridget was 33 when she died of colon cancer. My reaction to her passing is HERE.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. It’s going to take a village to promote this book who lost its parent. And that’s what is happening. Over ninety bloggers have signed up for the blog tour. On March 16, there will be a launch party for POISON at A Children’s Place Bookstore at 6PM. If your in Portland, plan on attending.

What I loved about Bridget was her positivity. You couldn’t be around her without feeling joyous and full of fun. Her birthday wasn’t just a day but a week. It was just fab, it was fabbity-fab-fab and her emails and blog posts alway ended with “Love to You.” I adopted that signature because love should be spread around to all.


So what’s my POISON? Unadulterated dark chocolate! Maybe it can have coffee blended in but the darker the better.

What’s your POISON?

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  1. Wilcox Carol says:

    I only knew about Bridget, but she sounds like someone who would have been so much fun to know in real life. Glad so many are in her village to push her book out into the world. I will definitely put it on my TBR list.

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