SOLSC 2013: Day 5 of 31

In Which I have to reflect on my attitude…

Last Friday, a diminutive fifth grader handed me a water damaged-no cover HARRY POTTER book. She wanted to use it as an exchange for a “lost” library book. She’d checked out CLEMENTINE’S LETTER in January so while overdue, I’m not sure I’d consider it lost.

Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but this fifth grader is one of the few children that I am ashamed to say can annoy me. And she’s in the library constantly. So in a cranky pants moment on Friday, I explained to her that I wouldn’t be accepting the replacement book because no one would check it out for one and because the reading levels weren’t a match.

One of my observations about this child is she’s could be a future hoarder. She collects things and I began to wonder if she was swapping out books. So I decided I better email her mom and explain about the attempted book exchange. Except I emailed her step-mother at first and then her mom. At any rate the step-mom contacted the bio mom(it appears that it’s not most amicable situation) and by the end of the day, both mom and step-dad were in the library to talk (even though I had a second grade class).

Her mom explained that the HARRY POTTER book was in a box of books that were left outside. When her daughter saw this she was upset as “how could anyone treat books that way?” The icing on the cake was when her mom told me how she wants to be a librarian when she grows up. So after letting me know that books were being returned and apparently the step-mom wants to have her library privileges suspended, they left.

This interaction gave me pause. Here is this little person who would rather be in the library than outside at recess and she wants to be a librarian. Was I missing an opportunity? Was I being the tolerate, loving person I like to think I am?

So I am going to have a chat with her this week. I am going to see if she’d like to become a library helper. I will keep you posted.

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4 Responses to SOLSC 2013: Day 5 of 31

  1. C. Crouch says:

    How wonderful. Yes, this is a great opportunity. I am so proud of you for being humble enough to step back and see it through this child’s eyes. You have the ability to make a difference here. I acknowledge you for reaching out to her. This may open doors in her life the helps create who she is! Attitudes are everything!

  2. mpistek says:

    I think that will be a life changing moment for this young child! What a great way to keep her on the right track 🙂

  3. Lynn says:

    good for you turning this situation into something way more positive . . . but I also work in the Learning Center…computer lab and library and feel your pain when books are mistreated and or lost…

  4. Oh, little people can be exasperating sometimes. You sound like me when I’ve had enough of a “needy” kid, snap off at them, then find out later that something was going on at home. I bet this library helper job will be the best thing for this child. She obviously fines comfort with you. I hope it works out for you both.

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