SOLSC 2013: Day 7 of 30


I was doing great at the beginning of the week by having posts in a queue ready to post. Well, that ended yesterday. Last night was a late one for me so no writing for me. Today it’s lunch time, it’s sunny outside and I am in the confines of school.

March is one of the. longest. months. No holidays. A full four weeks of school with the exception of two early release days beyond the normal Wednesday early release. Teachers use the time for professional development and planning, we don’t get to go home.

The behavior data shows a spike in student unrest. I wonder if its the result of the number of school days in March. This year our school has increased it’s involvement with strategies of the Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies. We have monthly assemblies to honor students and classes through library, music, PE, lunchroom, recess, and clean classroom awards. There is a Spirit Stick Award for assembly behavior. The school on the whole seems more calm. There’s definitely a change from last year for sure.

Tomorrow is Poetry Friday so stay tune.

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  1. March feels like the longest month of the year to me — always. Putting the SOLSC in March has made it go faster (for me, at least).

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