SOLSC 2013: Day 17 of 31

Hello slicers. Last night was the book release event for POISON by Bridget Zinn.
What a poignant yet joyous evening as A Children’s Place was the gathering spot to support Bridget and her book. For those of you new to this blog, Bridget was a friend, librarian, author, and a fabulous human being whose life was cut short by colon cancer in 2011. Her book is in the world without her to promote it. And it’s a terrific read!


Isn’t this a great display? Love the potion bottles.


Much of the Portland YA writing community signed one hundred books. Barrett (her husband) had a stamp of her signature made so her signature is on the book.


Barrett introduced the event and the three readers, Sara Ryan, April Henry, and Laini Taylor. He also shared Bridget’s fondness of dancing on the roof. I had tears but didn’t lose it.


Bridget was a huge fan of groovy hip shoes so these were fitting for the evening ( not my feet, I wish)


The Portland Writing community.

I hope the book does well. It should.
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4 Responses to SOLSC 2013: Day 17 of 31

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  2. Thanks for sharing about your friend and her book.

  3. Carol says:

    Sounds like a lot of folks have worked hard to get Bridget’s book out into the world. I bet she is grinning ear to ear in heaven! Have the book on my spring break TBR list!

  4. Chris H. says:

    This is awesome and celebrates her memory and honors her writing life.

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