SOLSC 2013: Day 22 of 31


Thursday morning began with a phone call. My husband’s cousin called. His long time love passed from this world on Wednesday evening. She has spent the last two years battling lung and brain cancer. She leaves a teen age daughter behind.

The first day of spring, passing after her boyfriend left her side for a moment, peaceful.

hummingbirds hover

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6 Responses to SOLSC 2013: Day 22 of 31

  1. debbussewitz says:

    I am sorry for your loss. I love the words “hummingbirds hover release.” Thank you.

  2. mag says:

    When I read your brief but so touching post, I’m once again grateful for health, and the health of those I love. Thank you.

  3. jhaworthoy says:

    This is a sad yet peaceful post as I can feel the love given from all. Jackie

  4. mpistek says:

    This piece makes you wonder about life… how things never seem to slow even when it feels like its ending. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Tragic need. Sorry to hear of her loss.

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