SOLSC 2013: Day 30 of 31


Recently I was asked to be a writing mentor from a friend and colleague. I felt honored and scared about where does one begin. She’s newly an empty nester. She’s always wanted to wriite. So I have been chewing on this for a few days.

Here’s my list so far:
Write daily
Find classes to take ( which I know she’s is doing already)
Write everyday, start slow and build up.
Morning pages
Write daily
Read writer: Anne LaMotte, Stephen King’s book On Writing
Go online, find daily writing prompts
Find a group
Go to the library
Go to poetry readings, book readings
Read the kind of books or writing you want to write
Write daily
Carry a notebook
Go for a walk
Spend time in the quiet
Try out different kinds of writing
Write daily

I started out writing writing personal narrative and poetry. I took a lot of classes. But since 2008, I have focused mor and more on writing for children.

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5 Responses to SOLSC 2013: Day 30 of 31

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Looks like a good list, Jone. I guess the best advice is just to start, and write every day. It forms a habit of both writing & then the rest of the day noticing things, things one might wish to write about.

  2. Jaana says:

    Writing every day! I don;t always succeed, but I try (in one form or another).

    • So sorry I was on your page when I thought I was posting my writing for the day! :(. I forgot I was about to leave you a comment. I will do that now! I like that your list emphasizes writing everyday. That is really what is important, working with language and finding our voices. Even though it was an accident to post it here my slice is about writing.

  3. elle1955 says:

    I think you will be a fine mentor.

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