SOLSC Weekly Challenge, a Day Late


It’s spring break and I am taking life at a slower pace. There’s nothing better than going to lunch with one of my people, another writer.

One thing that strikes me is how I feel the more I know about writing the less I know about writing. Here I am with a ninety per cent finished book yet I have to tinker with it some more. Plus I am sure that in twenty-two days, I will really be mucking around in the manuscript. (by the way, it’s when I go to the Highlights Foundation workshop).

I also recently got feedback from a high school book club that was both affirming and gave me food for thought.

I wonder
-do all characters serve a purpose?
-do any of them just appear once and then vanish?
-is there a better poetic structure for the free verse poems?
-character driven or plot driven? Is there enough plot to carry the characters?
-what else do we need to know about the characters?
– how do colors and smells work into the story?
-pacing is it there and where is it sluggish?

There are more fabulous slices at Two Writing Teachers.

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4 Responses to SOLSC Weekly Challenge, a Day Late

  1. Wilcox Carol says:

    A ninety percent finished book? Wow! Don’t think I knew that about you! The Highlights Foundation Workshop sounds like it will be a fabulous experience. It seems like you are asking some great questions. Any of them by itself could be a days of revision on a work in progress. Or a great mini-lesson.

    • Jone says:

      Yes, I can’t believe that it’s that much complete. I of course, feel there’s more to do and I hope the workshop will give me the final push to finish it.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I have a writer’s group meeting tonight, & it would be good to show them your questions, Jone. I admire you, & others, who are willing to continue to ‘muck about’ as you say. Hard work!

  3. I’m constantly tinkering with things I write. Occupational hazard, I guess.

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