SOLSC: Dear Gladstone City Council


As a child, I was a frequent flyer at the public libraries. I participated in the summer reading programs and read my way through the Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys mysteries, Bobbsey Twins, and then onto Agatha Christie books. I remember when I could finaly ride my bicycle to the library to get books.

Bookstores, indie or big box weren’t part of my childhood landscape. I was lucky to purchase from Scholastic (if that’s what it was called) with my allowance. So the library was my bookstore.

As an adult, I have spent my fair share at the bookstores. How can I walk into one and leave empty handed? But since about 2007, I rediscovered using the public library. The ease of looking up materials online, having them sent to Gladstone Public Library and picking them up on my way home is perfect.

Recently, the Gladstone Public library has been the center of controversy. Even though, a measure was passed in 2008 to build a new library, over the last year there’s been opposition to building it and it pretty much been put on the back burner.

So this weekend, I dropped by the Gladstone Library to pick up materials and inquired about the status of the library. The staff is fabulous but of course they can’t say much. They directed me to the coffee house across the way for the information.

Seems like not only does the Gladstone City Council not want a new facility but now they want to privatize the library services.

I can not believe this. It will mean a cut in services. I have written city council. I hope they will reconsider.

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  1. Linda Baie says:

    I just moved in December & have a library a block away, but when my husband & I chose the house in the old neighborhood, it was because it too had a library. Two years ago, the city closed it, saying they had to cut library services. Our HOA took them to court & won back some days. This is the most used library of them all, but not in the area they seemed to want to keep. I’m so grateful for our HOA leaders-they’ve stuck with it. Thank you for sharing what you’re doing too, Jone. Great letter!

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