SOLSC 2013: Poem in Your Pocket Day



The events of yesterday in Boston are horrifying. As I read in another slicer’s post, the has been too much sadness this school year. I love the idea of #26 acts of kindness, first for the Sandy Hook tragedy and for the Boston Marathon (26 miles). My heart goes out to Boston. And all those involved.

It can be so overwhelming, these tragedies piling up on each other. We seem to get to take a breath and focus on the rhythm of life and then the shoe drops, again.

I look for the little things. The things that can make a difference in a person’s day. That’s why today at Family Library Night, I was happy to watch parents and students select a poem written either by themselves or another student for National Poem in Your Pocket Day, Thursday April 18. I provided the poems, ones students wrote last month or they could write their own poem. There were book pockets to decorate for putting the poem into and ways to share for Thursday.

A poem is such a simple thing to bring a little joy into life during days and weeks when dark clouds want to brood. Share a poem with someone on Thursday, even if it’s not in a pocket.

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  1. Ramona says:

    I love to post a poem on facebook for Poem in Your Pocket day!

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