SOLSC 2013: Ebooks or Real Books


So I have these internal talks about ebooks versus real books. I have an IPad and have heard how wonderful it is to have ebooks uploaded. They are great for traveling I have been told. They are less expensive a lot of the time.

So this past weekend, at the SCBWI-OR Spring Conference, I found a great new tool, The Emotion Thesaurus. When I looked on Amazon, it was $4.99 for the Kindle version. So I purchased it. I quickly discovered that while it will be handy for when I am traveling, I will be getting a paperback version soon.

Not only did I discover that I love the smell of the pages and the mere act of holding a book, I track across the page better with a real book. I find it hard to concentrate reading on a screen. It’s fine for emails and short reading.

So I will continue to support real books. I need them in my hands. What about you, ebooks or real books?

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  1. Ellen Spears says:

    I like both. Ebooks are great for my old eyes when I read at night. No worry about shadow of my body between the lamp and the book or craning my neck or stretching my arms to find enough light. No need for glasses either.

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