SOLSC 2013: Life Imitating Fiction



This was in the parking lot at school today. What is curious is that the following poem from my middle grade WIP has a similar scene. When I wrote this poem, I wondered if kids would do such a thing. I guess I have my answer.

First Mission

So what’s our first mission?
asks Jackson.

I think out loud. How about creating a crime scene?

A crime scene? Brilliant!

he says.

Let’s see what we can find at my house. Let’s go,
I answer.

We sneak into the garage.

We rummage through some boxes 

labeled Halloween
Eureka! I shout,
picking up the yellow caution tape
and my white sidewalk chalk.

Whose house?
Asks Jackson.

What about next door?
We walk to their driveway. 

Jackson sprawls on the cement.

Quit wiggling, you are suppose to be dead,

I say as I draw his outline.

He jumps up, admiring
his crime scene body,

We drape the yellow tape on the sidewalk

Jackson and I hide behind bushes.
We watch.
Cars slow down.
Someone stops and takes a picture.

Lilly walks by shouting,

you know I can see you. How lame.

We didn’t answer.
Mighty Ninjas can’t be seen.

We honor the code of silence
Who’s she? Jackson whispers.

I am currently working through the manuscript and polishing it. It was suggested to make it in present tense so I am going through the entire book. I never thought the day would come when I would be really word smithing. That’s what I am doing and so fun.

A recent book that I found (and ordered as a Ebook through Amazon for $4.99) is The Emotion Thesaurus. Very helpful for emotional description.

More slices can be found at Two Writing Teachers.

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  1. Linda Baie says:

    You must have been so surprised when you saw the chalk pic! Great story & I like what your’e doing with it, too!

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