SOLSC 2013: Ah, Summer, I Will Miss You


Ah, Summer, I will miss you. Tomorrow I have to head to school and be in a seat by 8 AM. I would rather be drinking hot tea after a morning walk with my dog. We had a good run, summer. It was filled with adventures like falling into nettles, building sandcastles with grandgirl, watching my husband on a rubber shark, bucking like a bronco, meeting new friends and seeing long time friends. And there was this, an introduction to “acro-yoga” from Jon, my brother.


I was a bit afraid, afraid I weighed too much, afraid I wouldn’t be able to succeed. This is a beginning pose. Thanks to Jon and Diane, who coached me I “flew” this summer.

This is Jon, Diane, and Helen (Helen played Myra on Dr. Quinn).

Ah, Summer, it went too fast. I will have to hang on to the moments of this weekend before the children return to school and I begin my fortieth year of teaching.

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  1. Linda Baie says:

    That acro-yoga is really something, Jone. Love your photo! Ah-summer. Mine is already gone-and the list grows… Best to you for a good start!

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