SOLSC: I Will Write Tonight


I need to get in the habit of lists. I had a great idea for today to write about( on the weekend) and now it’s lost somewhere in my brain. I am committed to writing something every week regardless of the quality, even if they are lists. We tell kids to make lists, don’t we? So here is my list of random thoughts that may turn into later posts:

– I’m obsessed with the television show, Breaking Bad. Yet this week, it hit close to home when a drug raid occurred with one of our school families. I think about the kids who attend our school and their lives.

-One thing I have noticed in the Breaking Bad series is how the production is wrapping up like a grand novel. There are such little details just like in books, nothing is taken for granted.

– I am reading Gone Girl and am disappointed that it hasn’t just grabbed me and made me stay up late reading.

-I love that the first fall storms have arrived. Sunday was full old wind and rain, perfect for working on revisions.

-Our new evaluation system is driving me bonkers. So much documentation.

-I saw a really cool book on somebody’s blog about reading responses and now I can’t find it.

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2 Responses to SOLSC: I Will Write Tonight

  1. janemartyn says:

    I’ve been struggling w/ forgetfulness and the need for lists lately as well. I was thinking about doing a post on it sometime soon actually- children’s books are full of wonderful, comical examples of list-making. Charlotte’s Web and Frog and Toad have 2 of my favorite list moments in them. If at all possible, I take my cues to be responsible/organized from kids books 🙂

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I watched several seasons of Breaking Bad & then lost interest. It is well done, I know, but catching up would be challenging. Glad you still enjoy it, but sorry about your student. We just don’t know what they are living outside, do we? We had some coolness and more rain this week too-now the wonderful sunny days-falling leaves & winter are on their way!

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