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SOLSC: Shirley, Friend and Former Colleague

</ There are some people who come into your life that make a difference. My friend, Shirley is one such person. She started in my district as a substitute and subbed for me many times. Her way with students always … Continue reading

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SOLSC: Learning Curve

Learning Curve For the last ten years our school has partnered with the local public library and the ESD district to host ‘Read and Play’, a PreK story time for families and young ones. It was help in our school’s … Continue reading

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Slice of Life Story Challenge: Forty Two Years Ago

Canyon de Chelley…the deep turquoise sky against the cliffs of pumpkin-colored sandstone, a place of peace. The canyon cuts deep, the river bed long dried out as autumn begins. The cottonwoods swaying, sounding like rattles. I was a girl of … Continue reading

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SOLSC: First Family Library Night of the Year

Today is the first of the monthly Family Library Nights. Boy howdy, I don’t know if it’s the “Bingo and Books” activity or the information about how to sign up for affordable health care but we have at least 21 … Continue reading

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SOLSC: Aha Moment in Writing My Middle Grade Novel

Last night at my monthly writing critique group, I had an AHA moment. I love when I get these. I am currently in the midst of polishing my first novel in verse middle grade manuscript. In November, I will have … Continue reading

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